Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q:  What is MedEx and who is it for?

A:   MedEx caters to very wide range of clients.  We welcome any person of any age and any physical ability because MedEx is a multi-disciplinary Wellness Centre.  Medical Exercise Training, Personal Training, Massage, Bodywork and Health and Fitness Education occur simultaneously in professional, friendly and healing environment. We find that people in search of better solutions to pain, stiffness, weakness and other physical conditions benefit well from our programs and services.

People that simply want to get in better shape and/or maintain ‘what they have’ will do extremely well at MedEx.  For every client, we custom design programs that best suit their specific wants and ever-changing needs over time.

Q:  Is MedEx only for people over 50?

A:  No.  From 2008-2012, we catered primarily to people 50 and older and became known as ‘the Seniors Training Centre”.  Due to MedEx’s location in James Bay (a demographic with a large proportion of seniors) we placed primary importance on maintaining a ‘mature exercise environment’.

In November 2013, we moved out of James Bay and into our current location in the Times Colonist Building and provide service to people of any age and ability (as long as they are medically stable).

Q:  Do I need a medical referral to attend MedEx?

A:  No, medical referrals are not necessary.  If we discover something during your initial evaluation that requires a medical clearance, we will contact your preferred medical professional to ensure that our program is appropriate for you.


Q:  I’ve been doing a lot of exercise.  Should I obtain a medical clearance from my doctor?

A:  Yes, before starting any new exercise program, it’s a good idea to meet with you doctor to discuss your plan and obtain any clearance they see fit to provide you.


Q:  Are your programs only for those with existing medical conditions / medical issues?

A:  Definitely Not!  We possess the skills, experience and certification to provide successful health and fitness outcomes for all including those with medical issues people in good health who want to improve their fitness levels and athletes of all levels seeking to improve their performance.


Q:  What can I expect to happen during my first visit to MedEx?

A:  We begin with an initial assessment of your needs and what you want to accomplish. We then provide you a report that outlines the program we believe would best meet your needs and achieve your goals.


Q:  Are you a PHYSIOTHERAPY clinic?

A:  No, we are not a medical clinic and do not currently employ physiotherapists or similar licensed medical professionals.  A physiotherapist is a BC Board Licensed Medical Professional that primarily works as an acute care specialist that medically treats injuries and other conditions.  The role of the physiotherapist is to evaluate and treat the dysfunction associated with diseases of all human organ systems.  The use of light, heat, water, ice, electricity, ultrasound, massage and exercise is included is the physiotherapy practice act licensed by each Province.

MedEx staff are certified Medical Exercise Specialists.  In addition to providing exercise and healthy lifestyle coaching, we are able to provide exercise services in the event that you are discharged from physiotherapy, chiropractic or medical care.


Q:  Are you a GYM?

A:  For the most part, no.  While we have equipment that you may have seen in a gym and people exercise here, the MedEx environment, equipment and training is quite different from what you typically find in a Rec Centre or a Commercial Gym.

People that come through our doors are here for a one-on-one session or massage with our staff.   Depending on your need, we may utilize gym equipment but it is not a ‘ drop in for a workout’ type of place.



A:  Not exactly.  A Personal Trainer is defined as “a person who works one-on-one with a client to plan or implement an exercise or fitness regime”.

A typical ‘personal training facility’ primarily focuses on fitness and athletic conditioning.  A few facilities may cater to the ‘non-athlete’ in a ‘non-intimidating’ environment, but these facilities are usually catering to people with medical conditions and may be operating outside their scope of practice.

The staff at MedEx ‘personally train’ clients but have a much greater extent of expert knowledge and skills than a “personal trainer”.  We are Medical Exercise Specialists (MESs – see below).


Q:  What is a MEDICAL EXERCISE SPECIALIST (MES) and how is that different from a PERSONAL TRAINER?

A:  A British Columbia certified personal trainer is fitness professional that has successfully completed an approved BC personal trainer course (such as the British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association, Can-Fit Pro, etc.).  It is well outside their scope of practice to provide corrective exercise services to any clients with medical issues.

A certified Medical Exercise Specialist (MES) is a fitness professional who not only works with clients wishing to improve their health and fitness level, but who has gained the knowledge and certified skills to work with clients who present a wide range of medical conditions (see below for some of the conditions we manage with exercise).  The MES is trained to develop safe and effective conditioning programs for clients with a variety of medical issues such as joint replacements, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, back pain and obesity.

The MES is the exercise professional best suited to providing exercise services after a person is discharged from physiotherapy, chiropractic or other medical care or are simply looking to improve your health and fitness level.  We communicate with your doctor, therapist, chiropractor, insurance company or lawyer to ensure that the exercise program will improve your function and not further exacerbate your condition.

Exercise is the key to improving your level of function and managing your condition long term. A Medical Exercise Specialist has a clear understanding of the five ‘medical exercise sciences’.  They are:

Clinical Pathology
Exercise Physiology

To summarize, MedEx caters to very wide range of clients.  We welcome any person of any age and any physical ability because MedEx is a multi-disciplinary Wellness Centre.  Medical Exercise Training, Personal Training, Massage, Bodywork and Health and Fitness Education occur simultaneously in professional, friendly and healing environment.
For more information that explains about a Medical Exercise Specialist and Training, click on The Medical Exercise Training Institute website:

Q:  I see that some of your staff also have Kinesiology credentials.  What does that mean?

A: Staff members qualified to carry the title of Practicing Kinesiologist (P.K.) are registered with the British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists (BCAK).  A kinesiologist has earned at least a B.Sc. in Kinesiology or Exercise Science from a 4-year university.  Kinesiology is ‘the study of human movement’ and a kinesiologist may work in many areas of health care such as exercise rehabilitation, ergonomics, exercise research, health insurance, etc.

For more information on Kinesiology, click on the BCAK website:

Q:  If MedEx is NOT a gym, NOT a medical or physiotherapy clinic and NOT exactly a personal training centre, WHAT IS IT?

A:  At our core, MedEx is a Medical Exercise Training and Education Centre that caters to the health and fitness needs of a wide range of people in a positive, upbeat and professional setting.

Q:  What do you mean by “MEDICAL EXERCISE TRAINING” (MET)?

A:  Medical Exercise Training (MET) is the development of safe, effective, structured, protocol based exercise programming for clients with medical conditions.  MET provides training in developing strength, flexibility, cardiovascular health, and balance.


Q:  How do Medical Exercise Training (MET) services differ from physiotherapy?

A:  Medical exercise training begins where physiotherapy and other treatments leave off.  We are focused on clients beyond the sub-acute stage. The sub-acute stage follows the acute phase of any injury.  Swelling and pain are minimal to moderate.  The client has increased range of motion, strength and function.  The client is not fully recovered.  This is the remodelling phase for connective tissue.  Treatment is ongoing with the introduction of exercise.  First caregivers for the sub-acute stage are physicians, physiotherapists and chiropractors.  This client may be appropriate for post-rehab services with a physician’s referral.

Physiotherapists, as well as chiropractors are specifically trained to provide rehabilitation services using assessment and treatment techniques.  They work with a wide range of patients and there is a significant overlap between physiotherapy, chiropractic care and medical exercise training when a patient enters the chronic stage of the condition.

The chronic stage of any injury is characterized by minimal pain and swelling.  Range of motion and strength are improving.  Function is now the focus of the rehabilitation program.  Exercise is the key in return to full function and is the primary treatment modality.  Post-rehab becomes part of the rehabilitation process during this phase.  First caregivers are physicians, physiotherapists, chiropractors and the MES.  The client is appropriate for post-rehabilitation services with a physician’s referral.

Physiotherapists, chiropractors and other health care professionals are significant referral sources for MedEx because we assist clients to improve their level of function after discharge from physiotherapy, chiropractic care and other forms of medical treatment.


Q: What are your fees?

A:  We charge between $53 and $68 for a one hour one-on-one medical exercise, personal training or massage/bodywork session.  We will bill you at the end of your month for the services you bought, including an option for independent facility usage.

Payment may be made on a per session, weekly, or monthly basis.  Following the initial assessment and program design, clients may choose to work with our professional staff (recommended) or independently.  Independent usage of MedEx’s exercise equipment between your training sessions is available on payment of a $53 monthly Independent Facility Usage Pass.  Memberships are available only on a month-to-month basis – there are no contracts to sign.


Q:  Does MSP or other insurance pay for MedEx services?

A:  The Medical Services Plan (BC Med) does not currently cover medical exercise training or kinesiology services.  However, MedEx services are 100% tax deductible in certain circumstances.  Please contact our Office Manager, Carol Rogerson for more details.

We are, however, an ICBC preferred provider.  In many cases, ICBC pays $50 toward any session with us. We work regularly with ICBC adjusters, lawyers and other insurance companies to have MedEx sessions covered on a case-by-case basis.


Q:  What are your hours of operation?

A:  For Independent Facility Usage, we are open Monday through Friday 9am-3pm.  One-on-one sessions are booked in advance and are available Monday through Friday from 6am-5pm.  Every one-on-one training, massage or bodywork session is lead by our staff.  Anyone can schedule a one-on-one or massage session online from the MedEx website:

Q: What happens if I cannot make one of my regularly scheduled training sessions?

A:  If you are unable to make one of your regularly scheduled training sessions, please notify us within 24 hours so we are able to fill that reserved spot. In that case, you are not charged for the session.  However, failing to provide 24-hours notice of your cancellation results in charged session.


Q:  Do you have other businesses or professionals operating out of the large MedEx space?

A:  Yes.  We are fortunate to have Body Blueprint Fitness Education occupying part of MedEx.  .

We also have a small select number of approved independent personal trainers permitted to rent the MedEx facility for their sessions.  These trainers are completely independent of MedEx but have agreed to uphold the policies and procedures contained in the agreement they have signed with us.


Q:  Are there any other MedEx locations?

A:  No.  MedEx is not part of any chain or franchise and currently has only one location.  Unfortunately, Google still has listings for our James Bay location that confuses people.  We are working with Google to correct this long-standing error.  We are located at 2621 Douglas Street at the corner of Kings Road and Douglas in the lower courtyard.  Our 40 foot sign above MedEx is a dead give-away!  The most obvious landmark is the Sprott Shaw Community College sign at the corner of Kings Road and Douglas.


Q:  Where do I park?

A:  MedEx has 5 designated free parking spots in the parking lot off of Kings Road behind the Times Colonist building.  Also, any parking spot around the building is either free for 1 or 2 hours Monday through Saturday 9am-6pm.  Outside those hours, parking is free and unlimited anywhere around the building and on adjacent side streets. Please see our MAP for directions.


Q: Will all my training sessions be on a one to one basis or are there any group sessions?

A:  All training sessions at MedEx are on a one to one basis.


Q: Do I need to have any special kind of clothing or footwear in order to take my training sessions?

A:  You want to wear comfortable clothing (not baggy) that you may comfortably get down and up from the floor or mat table in.  Footwear should be limited to clean runners or any indoor shoe that is comfortable to be active in.  We highly encourage closed-toed shoes whenever possible.  If open-toed shoes are worn, we may need to modify the equipment we use during your session.